GE / Green Flash

Green Flash was an R&D project with GE Aviation and in partnership with NASA and the United States Army.


Our Challenge

As Lead Visual Designer, I was part of a larger team including HMI Leads, UX Researchers, Scientists, Aviation Experts, Military Experts and active Blackhawk & Apache helicopter pilots.

We set out to reimagine cockpit displays for an Air Mission Commander (AMC) for both manned and un-manned military missions through an all digital display.

The goal was to create a system that allowed AMCs to be more connected, effective, capable, and strategic in active missions whether from within the cockpit of a Blackhawk helicopter or at the helm of a control center for UAVs.



Project Kick-off.


Interviews with Pilots

We learned how pilots think and what elements were the most important to them in active missions. They shared their experiences, expressed desires, and total enthusiasim for the project.


Army Insights

The United States Army shared their current and future challenges as well as their vision for the future. They shared with us some prototypes created to date to help demonstrate current capabilities.


Design Stages / Wireframes.

Once we had absorbed and synthesized the all of the information from our discovery work sessions, we move on to design. First a series of wireframes to test, iterate, and validate with our audience.


Iterations on Design & Elements.

We tested multiple versions of UI elements with the pilots to get an understanding of preference, speed of understanding, and completeness of concepts.


Design Stages / Visual.

Once we had made good progress with the wireframes, we moved onto some visual concepts to present and test with the team.


Final Design Hand-off & Deliverables.

At the conclusion of our engagement, we supplied our GE client with all artifacts including final visuals along with style guides.



As Lead Visual Designer for GE Digital, we handed off all assets to GE Aviation to continue testing and iteration.